This website is not an appstore, nor does it host any of the downloads. This is simply an easy-to-navigate list of software and apps we think should be installed on every computer. Perfect for fresh Windows-installs. Be sure to bookmark us for later use!

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Internet & Tools Description Download
Google Chrome Web Browser Download Chrome
Firefox Web Browser Download Firefox
Thunderbird E-mail Client Download Thunderbird (English US)
BleachBit System Cleaning Download BleachBit
Speccy System Information Download Speccy
7-Zip File Archiver Download 7-Zip (64 Bit)
qBittorrent Torrenting Download qBittorrent
Dropbox Cloud Storage Download Dropbox
Free Alarm Clock Alarm Clock Download Free Alarm Clock

Office & Productivity Description Download
OpenOffice Office Suite Download OpenOffice
Audacity Audio Editor Download Audacity
OpenShot Video Editor Download OpenShot
Gimp Photo Editor Download Gimp
FileZilla Development Tool Download FileZilla
Sublime Text Development Tool Download Sublime Text

Security & Antivirus Description Download
Avast Antivirus Download Avast
AVG Antivirus Download AVG
Spybot Remove spy/mal/adware Download Spybot
GlassWire Firewall/Home Network Mapper Download GlassWire

Entertainment & Multimedia Description Download
VLC Videoplayer Download VLC
Winamp Music/Radioplayer Download Winamp (Full)
Spotify Musicplayer Download Spotify
iTunes Music/Movie Store Download iTunes
Plex Home Media Server Download Avast

Social & Gaming Description Download
Discord Gaming community Download Discord
Skype Internet Phone Download Skype (Classic)
Steam Gaming Store Download Steam
OBS Studio Streaming Tool Download OBS Studio

Disclaimer: All software is up to date as per May 2018.
We update regularly, but if you believe one of our download-links is out of date, please let us know.